Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions

Automha Americas AS/RS Pallet Storage Automation is the all-in-one solution for high-density warehouses and distributions centers. Automha’s modular, customizable automated storage and retrieval systems adapt to a variety of loads and temperature ranges. We strategically design solutions to simplify your warehouse operations.

automated storage and retrieval system for Budweiser
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Automha Americas specializes in high-density, multiple deep-lane storage and retrieval systems. Automha world-class high-density AS/RS solutions deliver the flexibility, reliability and efficiency required in today’s manufacturing warehouses and Distribution Centers.

As the manufacturer, integration expert, WMS Software developer, and service provider, we offer a turnkey approach that eliminates the headaches of system integration where all components work seamlessly together.

Modular AS/RS System Components


AutoSatMover is the next generation for high-speed Storage and Retrieval of multi-depth pallet storage.


Automha designed the SuperCap shuttle to work in multi-depth lanes inside fully automatic systems.


RushMover System is an automated Shuttle Delivery System used to transport pallet loads of product to and from various parts of your facility.


Automha Warehouse Management System is a web-based software that controls all aspects of warehouse storage operations.

SRM Stacker Crane

The SRM Stacker Crane (Storage Retrieval Machine) allows automatic storage of load units of varying size and weight.


MiniLoad systems store and retrieve cases, totes, or trays, in a high throughput or high-density storage environment.


A high performance system specifically developed to meet the challenges of e-commerce distribution and fulfillment centers.


The HeavyTower is an automated vertical storage system, designed to safely store long loads, sheet metal and heavy components.


Uni-flex™ systems are flexible, extensible and durable conveyors for bulk loading and unloading applications.

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