Maximize storage density without new construction

Central City Brewery
  • Food & Beverage

CCB&D is a British Columbia, BC, Canadian-based Brewer & Distiller of its own brand of Beer & Spirits as well as a ‘contract’ brewer/distiller for many other popular brands within Canada and around the World.


The existing Brewery of 65,000 sq. ft produces approximately 800 cans per minute over 2 shifts of various aluminum canned, alcohol-based beverages.

The warehouse/distribution facility of 37,000 sq. ft is on the same lot but separate building from the production area.

The key was to ‘maximize’ the storage area for both canned beverages within the cooler as well as the barrel-based spirits within an ambient area of the warehouse.


Automha installed a 21 lane x 12 deep x 6 level FIFO system as well as some selective rack along the perimeter walls to realize a total of 1700 + pallet positions within a cooler of only 8500 sq. ft

Additionally, we installed 3 lanes x 22 pallets deep x 5 levels in an ambient area (for FIFO and/or LIFO) for packaging product as well as ‘picked & staged’ orders that are ready to ship.

Finally, we installed 23 bays x 6 pallets deep (LIFO) for Whiskey Barrel storage that realized in excess of 3200 barrels of storage within a 3800 sq. ft storage area.


The cost of ‘Real-Estate’ within the Vancouver, BC Lower Mainland is considered to be the highest in all of Canada.

With only 1.9 acres to utilize for a warehouse/distribution center, maximizing the footprint of the warehouse, offices, retail store, vehicle parking (trucks & cars) was a real challenge.

The Automha solution maximized ‘storage slots’ and we continue to work with the client to plan for future expansion of the Brewery-Distillery and automating the transportation process of Finished Goods product over to the Distribution Center.


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