pallet runner in a brewery
Maximize storage density

Maximize storage density without new construction Problem The existing Brewery of 65,000 sq. ft produces approximately 800 cans per minute […]

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Badia Spices

Badia Spices Automated Food Storage Established in 1967 by Jose Badia, Badia Spices is one of today’s leading family-owned Hispanic […]

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Automated Food Storage

Automated Food Storage Case Study Problem The new automated food storage handling system was designed and built by Automha for […]

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Pallet Runner™ – SureCold

SureCold is a Canadian company specializing in the processing of fresh salmon. They specialize particularly in the processing and refrigeration […]

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Autosatmover Automatic Warehouse

Autosatmover Automatic Warehouse Case Study ProblemIn 2015, Ben E. Keith realized they needed to improve their largest beverage distribution facility […]

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Global Cold Chain Alliance