Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Automha Americas Automation is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of warehouse automation solutions. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) offer a faster, more efficient way to efficiently move goods through your storage facility. From our sector leading semi-automated deep lane storage system – Pallet Runner™ to 140’ and higher rack-supported freezer facilities, Automha is the proven manufacturer of cutting-edge Warehouse Automation and Pallet Runner™ solutions.

We offer a full suite of industry-leading warehouse automation systems (AS/RS) modular solutions as part of our complete lineup of integrated systems and technologies.

Automha Flagship Solutions

Pallet Runner™

Introduction to Pallet Runner™ The Automha Pallet Runner™ system is a semi-automated pallet shuttle system that uses a robotic shuttle […]

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autosatmover and supercap


Autosatmover is the next generation for high-speed Storage and Retrieval of multi-depth storage of pallets. It consists of: The different configurations […]

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AUTOMHA designed the SUPERCAP shuttle to work in multi-depth lanes inside fully automatic systems The introduction of the capacitor technology has made it […]

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The Automha RushMover System is an automated Shuttle Delivery System used to transport pallet loads of product to and from various […]

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Case Studies

Confidential Coca-Cola Bottler and Distributor

AutoSatMover System Case Study


Lippert Creates More Pallet Positions

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Global Cold Chain Alliance