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Introducing the new PALLETRUNNERGXTM shuttle now Made in the USA. See the new GX in Booth S1271 at the Chicago ProMat 2023 show on now in Chicago, IL.

Automha Americas, a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of warehouse automation, supplies clients from all industry sectors with cutting edge automated storage solutions. From our sector leading semi-automated deep lane storage system “Pallet Runner™” to 140’ or higher rack supported freezer facilities, Automha is proven to supply a cutting-edge solution to suit your needs

Automha Flagship Solutions

Pallet Runner™

Automha’s Pallet Runner™ is the leading semi-automated, high density “deep lane” storage system in the North American market Based on […]

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Autosatmover is the next generation for high-speed Storage and Retrieval of multi-depth storage of pallets It consists of: The different configurations […]

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AUTOMHA designed the SUPERCAP shuttle to work in multi-depth lanes inside fully automatic systems The introduction of the capacitor technology has made it […]

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The Automha RushMover System is an automated Shuttle Delivery System used to transport pallet loads of product to and from various […]

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Create more pallet positions in your existing warehouse

Ben E. Keith Beverages

Autosatmover automatic warehouse

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