About Automha Americas Automation Corp.

About Automha Americas; headquartered in Oakville, Ontario provides our clients with a wide variety of services including; consultation, design, engineering, installation and aftermarket support for the entire Automha product line. Automha Americas have invested and continue to invest in the local communities we serve, including a parts and service center located in Buffalo New York, and remote locations throughout N. America. Our factory trained technicians are all employees of Automha Americas, and as such are updated regularly on changes and improvements made by our manufacturing team.


We are constantly focused on innovation, working with efficiency and precision to satisfy needs and wishes of our customers.  We believe in simplicity, not complexity.


We want to inspire our customers by creating solutions and products with extraordinary high-performance,meticulously designed, well made, yet simple.  We want to be examples of culture and excellence in warehouse automation worldwide, ensuring that an automated warehouse may be within everyone’s reach.

Our Values

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