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AutoSatMover System

Before their introduction to the AutoSatMover System, a confidential Coca-Cola bottler and distributor faced the challenge of optimizing their production and manufacturing operations at their “combo center” campus in the US. Despite their existing production and distribution buildings being at maximum capacity, the client required storage for an additional 1.0M+ cases on the campus, with only 65,000 sq ft of space available for construction.

The client also had significant pallet put away and shipping requirements, necessitating a high throughput system to ensure that production and shipping operations were met.

After a thorough evaluation of conventional storage options and various automation storage technologies, the client ultimately selected Automha’s cart-based ASRS, the AutoSatMover System. Automha Americas provided a Rack-Supported Racking Structure that allowed for a building height of 95 Ft., enabling storage of up to 18,000 pallets and achieving throughput rates of over 500 pallet moves per hour in a relatively narrow space of just 175ftin 50,000 sq ft of storage area. Additionally, the AutoSatMover System offers a high degree of equipment redundancy, providing the client with peace of mind.

The system features a direct inbound from the production building lifting up through a 4th-level mezzanine, separating the inbound and outbound flow for increased redundancy and throughput. For shipping operations, the solution incorporates Automha’s RushMover Rail Guided Vehicle System, which sorts and distributes pallets from the storage system to various outbound pickups for direct shipment or replenishing picking in the distribution building. The Automha Warehouse Control System AWM allows pallets from production to bypass the storage system and be delivered automatically to the shipping dock staging lanes, when needed. The RushMover System can also accept inbound loads from both the new loading dock area and the distribution center, further emphasizing the high redundancy theme.

Facts And Figures

(2) Module System with (11) Levels of Storage – 22 AutoSatMover Carts

(1) RushMover Rail Guided Vehicle System with 17 Vehicles

18,000+ Pallet Storage Capacity (Over 1 Million Cases stored) in 50,000 Square ft

1,287 Lanes of Storage (3, 8 and 10 deep lanes of storage)

500+ Pallets/Hour Throughput Capacity (Combined In/Out)

Total of (8) Stationary Lifters to move product in and out of the (11) Levels

Automha Warehouse Control System, named AWMs, controls the movements in the warehouse and communicates with WMS and ERP systems.

A main central staircase allows easy access for maintenance or management personnel to both storage modules.

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