We have designed and engineered the Automha Miniload System to store and retrieve cases, totes, or trays, in a high throughput/high density environment.

Our equipment is outstanding because we have an unparalleled understanding of those practical needs: we grew up in warehouses, and our automation solutions reflect that practical understanding of the hard, practical business requirements our customers have to meet.

Automha’s heavy Miniload warehouses reflect that detailed understanding of our customers’ business and working requirements. Miniload systems are automatic storage systems specifically developed to manage containers or trays, in medium to high throughput requirements with heavy weights.

The storage system comprises a central corridor along which a stacker crane runs, and two shelving racks located on both sides for the arrangement of boxes or trays. At the side are one or more automation areas, on which the stacker crane deposits the load extracted from the racks. Conveyors bring the load unit to the operator and, once picking has been completed, return it to the stacker crane for allocation on the racks, at maximum speed and with full computerized management.
The entire system is coordinated by Automha management software (AWMS ), which records the movements and positions of the load units in the warehouse and manages operating flows.
The reliability and accelerations of the Miniload stacker cranes, together with the modular nature of the shelving racks and functionality of the interface software, make these systems both highly productive and efficient.

The Advantages of Miniload
  1. Cost saving: Our Miniload machines deliver energy savings; during the cart deceleration and descent phases, the motors regenerate energy which is returned to the building’s electrical power grid. This can result in considerable economic savings.
  2. Silent operation
  3. Simple machine: the machine consists of simple components that are easy to identify and maintain
  4. Load weights of up to 300 kg, possible
  5. Management of different load units: trays, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes of different measurements and heights. Unit load personalization on request
  6. Suitable for any application that requires storage density, high throughput and software control
  7. Possibility of installation at low temperatures

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