The SRM Stacker Crane (Storage Retrieval Machine) allows automatic storage of load units of varying size and weight. The machines are designed in different solutions to take full advantage of the maximum available space. The SRM warehouses can be installed in conventional buildings and self-supporting rack structures and are commonly used when many storage facings and increased building heights are required.

Automha stacker cranes run on rails equipped with an exclusive anti-vibration plate system, and receive the power supply for operation from busbars usually positioned at floor level via a double brush system on the machine.

Each SRM functions independently from one another with its own internal controls to manage the precise storage and retrieval of its pallet and or load: this guarantees a high level of safety and precision.

The Advantages of SRM Stacker Cranes

  1. Performance unchanged from -30° to +55°C
  2. Functional silence
  3. Management of almost any load unit or size, metal or plastic containers, trays, frames, rolls, reels, and long materials. We even store finished automobiles
  4. Adaptability to existing structures or often for Rack-Supported Greenfield buildings
  5. Possibility of multi-depth storage with the use of our SUPERCAP satellite on the crane
  6. Suitable for many applications, especially popular in both the textile and cold storage industry
  7. Cost Savings: Automha stacker cranes regenerate energy during the deceleration and descent phases that can be returned to the buildings electrical power grid and can result in considerable economic savings



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