AUTOMHA designed the SUPERCAP shuttle to work in multi-depth lanes inside fully automatic systems

The introduction of the capacitor technology has made it possible to solve the typical problems associated with systems powered by standard battery systems, which require long charging times (in the case of shuttles with integrated batteries) or the presence of operators to replace the batteries (in the case of machines with extractable energy source).

Suitable for the storage of any type of pallet and load unit and it can be used in any industrial environment: it guarantees optimal performance even at very low and high temperatures. (-30°C/+ 55°C). It can be used on-board of stacker cranes or other automatic vehicles.

The most classic use is on board the AUTOSATMOVER mother shuttle. Still, it can also be integrated with a stacker crane, by using the carriage assembly used to house the SUPERCAP.

Both variants are equipped, with a charging unit on-board with copper brushes (of the Mover Cart or Stacker Crane) to “boost” the SUPERCAP in 3-7 seconds, seamlessly, and simultaneously without stopping any movement of the cart. This “boost” of the capacitor inside the cart will be completed as the SUPERCAP vehicle docks to the mother vehicle and is about to move to its next mission.

All variants are capable of operating in frozen and hostile environments.

SUPERCAP communicates with the mother vehicles via its own Wi-Fi system to send updated reports on both its charging status and on its missions as they are completed.

The Advantages of SUPERCAP

  1. Possibility to operate in deep storage lanes, without tethers or electrical cables that connect the shuttle to the mother vehicle
  2. Eliminates the need of batteries in the system by boosting automatically
  3. The capacitor in the SUPERCAP is in a sealed housing and requires no maintenance whatsoever
  4. The life expectancy of the capacitor in the SUPERCAP is >10 Years
  5. Extreme flexibility: SUPERCAP can be used on different types of mother vehicles
  6. Possibility of multiple management of shuttles by mother vehicles
  7. Possibility to access the SUPERCAP automatic system remotely from an external station to evaluate and modify its parameters
  8. Total reliability and safety
  9. Incredibly fast charging times
  10. Limited Maintenance required
  11. Long vehicle life



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