Steve Dale – Vice President

Steve started in the material handling industry in November 1993, working for an independent manufacturer called enRack. Steve recalls that when he started with enRack he had no idea what “racking” was let alone a frame and beam! Steve’s first significant sale was a 28-deep drive-in system in a local freezer, a system and design that would never be considered with the technology we have today.

In April of 1994, enRack was sold to the Econorack group of companies, resulting in Steve working for several different divisions over the next 10-plus years, finally ending up working for “The Konstant Group”

In 2010 Konstant’s automation division (PAS Americas) was formed leading Steve to apply for the Pallet Runner Sales Manager position. Being successful in his application for the position, Steve started to work alongside Fred Grafe with responsibilities for the Pallet Runner product line. 2013 led to the automation division of Konstant being sold to Automha SPA, Steve loved his job, so the decision to move along with Fred and several other longstanding colleagues to Automha was not difficult. Steve continued his role as Pallet Runner Sales Manager with Automha Americas till January 2023 when he was appointed Vice President Automha Amrericas.Even with the added responsibilities of his new role Steve still leads the Pallet Runner division, which has become a significant contributor to both Automha Americas and Automha SPA.

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