Autosatmover is the next generation for high-speed Storage and Retrieval of multi-depth storage of pallets.

It consists of:

  • AUTOSATMOVER, the mother shuttle that runs down the aisle on rails perpendicular to the storage lanes, is powered by a busbar attached to each level in the system
  • SUPERCAP the on-board satellite controlled by the Wi-Fi mother shuttle and intended for operations in the different storage lanes for the storage and retrieval of pallets automatically without batteries.

The different configurations of the system primarily include conveyors for horizontal transportation, pallet lifters for the vertical movement of pallets, and the Autosatmover for the storage and retrieval of pallets in/out of the intended storage lane. Also, the entire Autosatmover system is entrusted to our AWMS software, managing the entire movement of every pallet at every step of the storage and retrieval process. With multiple pieces of equipment moving at the same time, each moving pallet loads in the same aisle, we call this “The Magic of Simultaneous Motion”

The Advantages of AUTOSATMOVER
  1. Higher degree of availability of the system as a whole
  2. With carts at each level in the system bringing pallets to and from stationary pallet lifters, tremendous throughput can be achieved that is not available in typical ASRS systems
  3. We currently have systems installed with up to (15) levels of storage in one module for maximum storage density
  4. Utility costs can be reduced compared to normal automatic storage systems
  5. Recent technology advancements improve the speed and simplicity of installation
  6. Predictive, easy maintenance, with access to every level via staircases & catwalks, with safety doors leading to each aisle in the system. Metal plank or steel mesh decking in each aisle, at every level, provides ability for maintenance personnel to walk down each level and adds security and safety not available in typical crane systems
  7. Offers the utmost in system redundancy & ability to perform scheduled maintenance without sacrificing overall system performance
  8. Performance unchanged from -30 to + 55°C
  9. Designed by Automha with no batteries, tethers or hydraulics



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