Consultation and Design Services

Automha services work with clients to ensure a complete understanding of the challenges and benefits the client wants to achieve from their investment. The design process and input from our clients are critical in attaining the best result. The design of a storage system requires a complete understanding of the storage requirements and the client’s operations before designs are considered.

Training Services

Unlike more traditional storage methods, a semi-automated or fully automated system requires proper training once installation has been completed. Automha provides extensive training by our factory-trained technicians to all of the operators that will be using the system.

Automha strives not only to provide the best solutions for its clients, but also to guarantee a complete exceptional service, even in the after-sales stages.  This is why Automha is committed to draw up and provide all its customers with extensive user and maintenance manuals, useful for finding all the information on how to use each of its systems and machines in a convenient and safe condition.

After Market Support

Warehouse automation, like most electrical/mechanical equipment, requires maintenance and, at time’s software updates. Automha Americas provides a comprehensive aftermarket support structure, all of which is overseen by our parts and service Manager Kathy Platek, operating from our Buffalo, New York, facility.

Automha designs equipment, when possible, to allow diagnostics, and possibly software updates to be carried out remotely. This approach provides our clients the fastest possible service while reducing costs. Not all of the required maintenance can be carried out remotely and requires a trained technician to visit client’s facility. Automha provides on-site maintenance through our factory trained technicians.  Automha takes our responsibility to support our clients very seriously, we only ever use trained technicians for remote or on-site support. It is also popular for us to train your own technicians who in turn will provide your maintenance in-house.

Automha clients rely on our systems to run their day-to-day operations, down time is both expensive and operationally challenging. To be able to provide clients minimal downtime, Automha houses in our Buffalo, New York facility an inventory of replacement parts, that can be shipped overnight to within continental North America.

During and after the installation of a system, Automha carries out training courses for users, providing every tool necessary for learning all operational functions, and it organizes customized tutoring sessions during the startup phase.

Thanks to the detailed technical documentation provided, Automha is able to make the client perfectly autonomous in every phase of the system maintenance.

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