Uni-flex™ is the range of industrial handling systemsflexibleextensible and durable conveyors for bulk loading and unloading applications. 

The bulk load eliminates the “dead space” due to the use of pallets or cages.

Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of distribution centres and package sorting points around the world, Uni-flex™ conveyors offer a cost-effective handling solution, not only for large distribution centres, but also for minor businesses who only need single units.

Uni-flex™ extendable conveyors are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards, with ribbed galvanized sheet steel sides for added strength, structural support across the width and heavy duty square tubular legs for total stability. Extremely flexible, these conveyors are equipped with braked swivel wheels that allow easy positioning.

Uni-flex™ conveyors can be stored easily as they can be “compacted” by reducing them to just one third, or less, of their total extension length.

The Advantages of Uni-flex™
  1. Uni-Flex increases industrial material handling efficiency by up to 50% during bulk truck loading/unloading operations, with a fast return on investment capital.
  2. It satisfies all legal requirements on manual handling.
  3. AC SEW EuroDrive motors – the conveyor speed is adjustable from 10 to 40 meters per minute; 0.09 kW for 230 V / 240 V single-phase power supply.
  4. Motor saver – all motors are equipped with overload protection and trip signaling LEDs.
  5. Electric controls housed in integral steel cabinets, sealed according to the IP55 standard.
  6. The conveyor complies with all the relevant EC laws.
  7. Easy to move and reposition for multi-door applications (unlike conveyors with telescopic arm).
  8. Sides made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet metal, reinforced with ribs to ensure maximum strength and durability.
  9. Integral bolting: there are no rivets.
  10. Large steel handles, with yellow coating, for a secure grip and easy handling of the conveyor.
  11. All the support legs are equipped with welded reinforcements for added strength and rigidity.
  12. Wheel-holder axle support – it is welded and extends over the width of the conveyor, and consists of a one-piece “constantly vertical” steel piece that ensures maximum overall strength.
  13. The zero pressure accumulation provides a row of products without contact pressure.
  14. Division – electronically regulated spacing of packs and cartons for greater ease of handling and reading of bar codes.

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